17 Props Go To School

August 28, 2018

It’s back to school time! Ashley and Eric talk about some of the best classes to take as an undergrad for props, education opportunities outside of formal schooling, and whether or not to go for that MFA in props.

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One comment on “17 Props Go To School

  1. Lyssa Sep 7, 2018

    Hi guys!
    Something that may be worth mentioning is that a lot of libraries (local and university) are starting to put in Makerspaces/Art spaces/Hackerspaces with equipment (including 3D printers) that you may be able to use for free or very low cost. Some also offer classes for free to train you on how to use the equipment. It might not be as big as a standalone Makerspace, but it may be a good alternative if someone can’t afford a membership or is just looking to get started.

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