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37 The Skin of a Dragon

Ashley and Eric talk about the wonders of Dragon Skin, used to make everything from hams, to feet, to chickens, to ears. Read More
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34 Summer Jobs in Props

Though it’s the middle of winter, it’s already time to start applying for jobs in summer stock, summer festivals, and all the other props positions that happen in the warm months. Read More
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33 Organization and Collaboration in Props

Googles and Doodles abound in this week’s episode, as Ashley and Eric talk about their favorite tools and technology for keeping organized and making sure every last candle makes it to stage. Read More
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32 Faux Show

“Painting wood to look like different wood.” Props relies on faux finishes and paint treatments to mimic a multitude of materials on stage. Ashley and Eric talk about some of their favorite tips and techniques... Read More
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30 Women in Props with Merrianne

We continue our talk with Merrianne Nedreberg, props director at Center Theatre Group. Our conversation delves into what it is like working as a woman in props and how the field benefits from greater equity... Read More
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29 Merrianne Nedreberg, Center Theatre Group

Merrianne is the Properties Director at Center Theatre Group, one of Los Angeles’ largest non-profit theaters. We talk about how she got there and what it’s like doing theater in a film town. Read More

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